How we work with you

setting you up for success

the pickleEngine 3-step process

Just like finding the right partner for a tournament, we want to make sure we vibe before we commit ourselves to a serious relationship.


Meet & learn

We seek to understand the current state of your club, your resources, and your goals.

 We’ll make some quick recommendations and if appropriate, send a proposal for a ‘Design’ engagement. 

This is a free service.


Investigate & plan

We evaluate and recommend the software systems, processes and custom development work needed to launch and run your business in alignment with your resources and goals. 

This includes a budget for us to execute the next phase of work: get it built.

This is a paid service.


Build & manage

We have the full capabilities to design and build your website, apps, and technology stack. 

Based on your needs, we can build your systems, manage them, or do both.

These are paid services.

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