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Our mission is to lighten your workload so you can deliver a terrific experience for your members. 

We help you select, install and manage the software and systems you need to launch manage and grow your club. 


Think of us as your Head of Product, Marketing and Technology all in one!

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"Running a pickleball club isn't rocket science!"

We hear this all the time. And it’s true – we aren’t launching rockets.  Yes, you can do this yourself. If you want to go the D-I-Y route, we invite you to join our free community and read through our playbooks. 

As you know, it will take a lot of your precious time and mental energy to research endless options, select several products, and implement important processes. These decisions will have lasting ramifications on your business success.

Give us a call! We’ve done the work and have already put it into action at other clubs. Partner with us to help select, design and install the below systems so you can focus on what you do best: bringing your special energy to your club, your team, and your members everyday.

Club Management System

Choose the right software to manage your club based on your business model, vision & goals

Retail, Food & Beverage Systems

Turn your off-court revenue into a differentator: choose the right paddles and apparel; craft the perfect cocktail, and pick the right tech stack to support it all 

Marketing Tools

Create a great  member experience: a mobile friendly website, newsletters, social posts and interactions to engage your community

Business Tools

Get your accounting software, reporting tools, HR and payroll. playing together as well as the Johns brothers

Risk Management

Protect your business and revenue streams with the right mix of legal strategy, insurance, staff training and processes to minmize your risk 

Player Tools

Drive loyalty and engagement from your membership, so your customers run around your club saying “Thank you- take my money!”

Our Team

  • Bharat Chopra

    Chief Executive Officer

Bharat is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for helping others maximize their potential. His superpower is in helping identify, design, and build content, marketing, and technology systems and partnerships to better serve end users. 

His personal mission is to be a catalyst that enables people, especially children, to develop a growth mindset and ultimately create joy in their lives. As founder and CEO of pickleEngine, he delivers on this mission by empowering racket club operators sports and wellness companies of all sizes to make life easier, simpler, and happier for everyone. Bharat has an established track record in the startup industry. He has founded, led, and advised diverse organizations such as Codie, Siminars, and LeagueApps. 

Bharat curently resides in Harlem with his black lab, Karma, and is always up for a game of pickleball or padel.

  • Matthew Schoolmaster

    Chief Technology Officer

Matthew is a natural problem solver. A fan of small companies and startups, Matthew has worn every hat in the technology department, often all at the same time.  While Matthew enjoys researching and physically building computers, his specialties lie in creating, launching and maintaining smart and scalable technology architecture plans. 

He has designed, built and deployed the entire technology stack at multiple companies.  Matthew possesses a comprehensive perspective on how data moves through our modern technology systems, and how that ultimately empowers decision making, higher quality work product and job satisfaction.

Nothing delights Matthew more than unraveling mysteries and exceeding expectations.  Matthew does not consider a solution complete unless it provides data to inform the next iteration.  He strives to build systems which provide consumable, actionable data to build the future.

Matthew currently resides with his wife and Bengal cat in Coastal South Carolina overlooking a salt marsh, steps from the ocean and minutes from the golf course.

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